The Garden coach – a unique connection between plants and you

Together, let’s design a garden that is suited to you !

To give shape and structure to your garden, I would like to offer you an original concept that allows us to discuss your ideas and wishes about a world which brings us together, your garden! Let me introduce myself, my name is Stéphane AUBREE and I am the founder of AUBREE Expert Jardin Conseil. My motto is making gardening accessible for all! An interest in gardening and a penchant for nature, in a world where we aspire to a more environmentally friendly way of living, particularly through consuming organic products, really marks out an attitude and point of view in relation to gardens. I am here to support you in this approach.

Choices and solutions for your garden await you !

So how does it work? An initial inquiry is made. Listening carefully, I will talk with you about what you want in terms of decoration, concept and ambiance. I will then suggest some ideas for implementing this vision. Afterwards you are free to carry out your project yourself or opt for the package that works best for you. (Check out the packages details)

Let’s meet !

If like my customers, your garden is located in Rennes, Saint Malo, Dinan, Saint Brieuc, Pontivy or their surrounding areas, I will come and meet you so that we can discuss what it is you are looking for. Call me on 06 12 53 63 97.